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IoT applicability

Approximately 70% of the West Java’s rural potential is in the agriculture sector. Partnering with local tech startup Habibi Garden, the provincial government works to help optimising agricultural potential in West Java villages through IoT technology applicability.

Digital literacy

We foster digital literacy to help the region’s SMEs entrepreneurs acquire skills in using technology innovation, like online commerce platforms, by establishing Training Centers in villages with our partner, e-commerce unicorn startup Tokopedia.

Leadership award

Governor Ridwan Kamil was awarded “DX Leader” by the Indonesia IDF Digital Innovation Awards for his innovative initiatives, including Digital Village, Sapawarga, and Jabar Open Data. The award was given to leaders who enable improvement in their environment through digital innovation.

Maximizing potential, mitigating risks of West Java tourism

The West Java Government collaborates with Hawaii’s East-West Center to foster human capacity building in technology-driven smart tourism and disaster management for largely potential yet disaster prone West Java.

Jabar Digital Service

Jabar Digital Service (JDS) or the West Java Digital Services, Data, and Geospatial Information Unit is a technical unit under the West Java Communications and Informatics Agency. The unit aims to narrow the province’s growing digital divide, help the government make more efficient and accurate public policy based on data and tech, and revolutionize governance and citizens’ livelihood with technology.

Why work with JDS?

We are working…

  1. With leaders who have the political will to innovate
  2. To build a legacy for the region, as well as the nation
  3. Like a startup, ‘disrupting’ the government
  4. To accelerate each and every staff’s skills

Desa Digital or Digital Village is the West Java Governor’s strategic program in collaboration with the Rural Communities Empowerment Agency and the Communications and Informatics Agency.


In the Sapawarga program, the government provides smart tablets for village community leaders to facilitate communications between villagers and the government. Sapawarga is also the…


West Java Open Data is the official open data portal of the West Java Provincial Government which contains data from the Regional Apparatus in the West Java Provincial Government environment that..



DX Leader

for Ridwan Kamil from Indonesia IDC Digital Innovation Awards

Recognition of Excellence

for Digital Village from OpenGov Leadership Forum Awards

Best Adaptation

for Digital Village Program from GovInsider Digital Innovation Awards

Best Team Under 35

for Jabar Digital Service from GovInsider Digital Innovation Awards



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